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The 1st US Postage Stamps were issued in 1847.

I have been a stamp collector since 1958. I collect Winter Olympic stamps as well as the stamps of the US (pre-1933), Canada, Newfoundland, New Caledonia, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Finally, I have begun to collecting Millionaire Stamps. These are stamps with a face value in the local currency of more than 1,000,000.

Currently I am a member of the following philatelic organizations:

  1. Chittenden County (VT) Stamp Club (since 1980)
  2. Rutland County Stamp Club
  3. American Philatelic Society (since 1972)
  4. Vermont Philatelic Society (since 1972) (President and webmaster)
  5. Sports Philatelists International (since 1979) (Auction Manager)
  6. American First Day Cover Society (since 1968)
  7. Society of Olympic Collectors (since 1984)
  8. Empire State Postal History Society (since 1972)
  9. British North America Philatelic Society
  10. American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (since 1972)
  11. Writer's Unit #30
  12. United States Stamp Society (formerly Bureau Issues Association)
  13. United States Philatelic Classic Society

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