Postal History

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Glenn A. Estus

Postal History is the study of

  1. Post Offices
  2. Postal Routes
  3. Postage Rates

I am particularilty interested in

Postage Rates of the stampless period in the US as well as the Postal History of

Essex County and

Clinton County in New York State.

Oval Cancels of New York State

I am also interested in

Vermont Attached Rates as well as

Vermont and

New York State Postmaster and County Cancellations of the 19th Century.

Another interest is the study of machine and hand cancellations from the

1937 Canada Coronation issues as well as the

1939 Canada Royal Visit

Finally, I am starting to create a website of

Vermont State pictorial cancellations.

I also study machine cancels which publicize the Olympic Games

I have recently become interested in local New York State post office cachets for the National Airmail Week Celebration of 1938

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